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Clara Wilkins

Clara Wilkins

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I joined the faculty at Wesleyan University in the fall of 2011 after completing my Ph.D. at the University of Washington.

My research broadly examines prejudice, stereotyping, and the self. More specifically, my work focuses on two primary areas: (1) understanding how ideology and changes to the status hierarchy shape perceptions of bias against high-status social groups, and (2) identifying the consequences of within-group variability in the experience of stigma. I examine the causes and consequences of perceiving anti-White and anti-male bias. I also examine how variation in physical appearance affects judgments of minority groups: Blacks, Latinos and Asian Americans.

Primary Interests:

  • Intergroup Relations
  • Person Perception
  • Prejudice and Stereotyping
  • Self and Identity

Journal Articles:

Courses Taught:

  • Advanced Research Methods in Prejudice and Stereotyping
  • Research Methods
  • Social Psychology
  • Social Stigma (seminar)

Clara Wilkins
Department of Psychology
Wesleyan University
207 High Street
Middletown, Connecticut 06459-0408
United States

  • Phone: (860) 685-2719
  • Fax: (860) 685-2761

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